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Word Publishing

Word Publishing

Medical Translation

At WP, we understand all the requirements of our clients which come from a medical background. Our well-informed team works closely with our clients to make sure all their demands are fulfilled and content is translated keeping the needs to customers, patients, and physicians.

Our clients include pharmaceutical companies and medical enterprises from around the world. The documents that are translated comprise clinical studies, medical product information, patents, labels, packages, medical forms, etc

Website Translation

Facts prove that visitors spend twice as long and are three times more inclined and likely to purchase from a website that has data in their native language. A multi-language website is a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to expand and reach out to new customers. At WP, we translate and deliver high-quality content which makes your website relatable for your audience. Our ability to translate in more than 200 languages helps bring clients from all over the world for their website translation requirements.

Marketing Translation

With the world turning into a global village where almost everything is now a click away, businesses are looking out for opportunities in international markets, gaining customers from abroad. While translating your material, the message needs to be kept intact. At WP, our network ensures that your message is conveyed in a powerful and impactful way to win the audiences and turn them into your customers.  Appropriate translation can only be carried out by a bilingual marketer who has a native understanding of the target market.​

We provide translations in over 200 languages of the following marketing documents:​

  • Websites, Digital Content & SEO

  • Brochures & Catalogues

  • Multilingual Market Research

  • Press releases & Multilingual content

  • Advertising translation services

  • Video, Audio & Other Media

​In case you require a price quote to translate any of your marketing documents, kindly fill out the following form. We will get back to you with your price quote for your website translation project within 24 hours.

Game Localization

We take pride in working with more than 1000 certified freelancers who facilitate high-quality game localization in more than 200 languages. By collaborating on all projects, our native linguists come up with official gaming glossaries and terminologies. This ensures successful reach of your games to all the audiences you want to attract.​

We designate a project manager to your game who handles your localization project. After a thorough initial process, tailor-made teams are assigned to accomplish your task. This custom-made team works on your game from scratch – making the process smooth and flawless.

Once, the localization is completed, a native proofreader checks the quality of translations and after his green signal, we consider your project completed at our end.

Software Translation

Word Publishing is a high quality software translation service provider. We work on projects with companies that are developing or marketing their software. This comprises of companies of medical device, electronic manufacturers, financial institutions and automobile companies. WP translates your software into over 200 languages which boosts your sales massively.

We offer multiple types of software localization that includes translating:

  • Software User Interface (UI)

  • User Manuals, User’s Guides

  • Online assistance

  • Web pages, websites and web portals

  • IPhone apps, apps for smart phones and tablets

  • HTML, XML and database files

​Our network includes over 1000 individuals working from different parts of the world. At Word Publishing, all of our software translators use CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools and professional translation software.

Linguistic Testing of software products:

After localization of your software, we analyze your product before handing it over to you. Our linguists ensure that your software is not translated into a string of words; instead, it’s customized according to the target audience.

At Word Publishing, we have set records of delivering authentic and accurate technical translation services within a great budget and a short period. Our strict quality policy helps us provide the highest quality content. The network of Word Publishing includes individuals with vast experience and expertise from different fields – electrical or electronic engineers, civil or mechanical engineers, scientists, physicists, chemical engineers, and chemists, along with other specialists from the industry – we've got them all on board. With our exceptional team of linguists, we provide technical services to companies across the globe.


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