At Word Publishing, our network comprises of individuals with extensive expertise in technology. Moreover, they have a strong typographical experience in alphabet languages and characters.

Our experts are well experienced in working on Apple macintosh and Windows computers – having a huge variety of multilingual standard word-processing, graphics, page-makeup software, and fonts. Our resources ensure delivering your projects on time, making them ready to market.


Publishing Formats and tools

Word Publishing utilizes SGML, XML and PDF formats to translate technical documentation designed for online and offline publishing. The applications include PageMaker, Adobe FrameMaker, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Interleaf, CorelDraw, QuarkXPress and Microsoft Office Suite Tools.

We also support design applications and commercial authoring on PC and Macintosh.

For your target audience to understand your visual style, we can suggest design and typographical content. While adapting the existing material during translations, we ensure that the basic spirit of the actual design is maintained. Layout changes according to variations in language are also taken care of by Word Publishing.

Qualified native-speaking translators

At Word Publishing, we have a network of highly skilled professional translators who are qualified, bilingual native speakers. They are chosen on the basis of their experience and expertise. Our scrutinized selection process helps us provide you with exceptionally brilliant linguistics in a current cultural context.