Reverie’s Transliteration API

Transliterate your content from English to Indic language, Indic to English and Indic to Indic language.


Be it FAQs, descriptive content, labels or navigational content translation, we have got everything covered.

Reverie’s AI-powered translation tool ensures easy and error-free translation of your content thereby saving your time and effort.

Our translation tool can be integrated on cloud or on-premise with minimal configuration and no database dependencies.

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Understands regional accent

We are proud to say that Reverie’s transliteration tool is the only tool that understands regional accents, bilingual nature of Indians and is dialect agonist.

User specific suggestions

Suggestions accepted by the user pops up as the first transliteration output for that English word.

Easy to use

Our transliteration tool comes in as easy to use web applications and works with IE, Mozilla, and Opera. It supports limited chat lingo and number to word transliteration. It also supports abbreviation.

Continuously improving Translation for India


to convert a 1000 words English document in Hindi. The industry standard is 8 seconds. All our Indian languages exceed expectations.


accurate is our Indic language translation. The global benchmark is way less than ours and we are proud of our technology.


is our accuracy standard for Indic language speech-to-text transcription. And we are improving everyday.

Help us develop cutting edge technologies for Indian languages

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