Travel and hospitality industry has picked up pace since the past few years and people are much more informed these days – thanks to the globalization where all information is just a click away.

It is ordinary for individuals to make booking prior to their travel dates through websites. This requires information to be translated in numerous languages. Customers need to be content with all the data provided online as they’re going to pay a good amount for it. At Word Publishing, we take this task in our hands. We translate your text in over 200 languages which makes your webpage easily approachable and understandable, helping gain customers and clients.


We also translate apps in multiple language so when visitors are in a new town, they don’t feel alienated and rather feel at home with information available in their native language.

Our network of linguists from across the world help translate your content in a captivating way, making clients feel at ease and familiar with whichever places they plan on visiting or staying.

We translate the following:

1.            Marketing material: InDesign, Framemaker

2.            Web content: XML etc. 

3.            Food and Beverage menus

4.            Frequent Flyer information

5.            Health and safety information

6.            Destination information