Multilingual Multimedia

Word Publishing offers a wide array of multimedia services.  We provide translations of a complete range of audio, video, voiceovers, subtitling and animations. 

Our expertise is Indic language multimedia services.  The quality control at Word Publishing draws its customers and makes them long term clients.

The process of multimedia translation covers:

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  1. Script extraction: Transcription service is provided for videos with scripts.

2. Multi-Media Localisation (MML) project plan is created which includes:

  • Timings for each segment

  • Selection of the voice talent

  • Full recording studio capability/video production

  • Production of animation

  • Localization/Linguistic testing of localized multimedia.

Moreover, we also offer translations of Gif applications and ELearning courses.

All of these processes are completed with the help of our highly skilled network which comprises over 1000 individuals having a command over 200 languages.