In medicine and science, there’s no chance of making errors or mistakes. With founding members having an experience of over 15 years in the translation field, Word Publishing provides high-quality translations in the field of life sciences with the assistance of our linguists and translators. The medical industry is evolving every day, hence, we focus on quality management and hiring translators who are well equipped with knowledge in this domain and are experts from the field.

Medical form with stethoscope

Medical Device Translations

This industry is based on strict rules and regulations. At Word Publishing, we are well equipped to ensure to meet all the international medical standards and regulations with the help of our experts – individuals who assist in creating the right approach towards marketing your medical products globally.

Our network of over 1000 language experts from all over the world has the potential to exceed the expectations you set for them. They provide all the high-quality content even before the deadlines, making our clients return whenever they require any kind of assistance in content translations.

Prescription Drugs

Pharmaceutical Translations

To grow in the foreign market, pharmaceutical organizations come across troubles and problems. We take it as our responsibility to translate your content with expertise and knowledge to be able to meet international standards. Our focus on high-quality text guarantees your documents to be prepared for the international market.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Healthcare Translations

Being a healthcare provider, a company aims to bridge any existing gap between patients and the organization. At Word Publishing, we have a network of experienced linguists who provide timely and accurate medical information in whichever language you require. We translate in over 200 languages to help people become aware of medical advancements across the world.