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Word Publishing

Who we are

At WP, we have set records of delivering authentic and accurate technical Testing and Translation services within a great budget & a short period.

Our Strict QA practices help's us deliver the highest quality Testing & Content with the help of Individuals with vast Industry experience and expertise from different fields – Engineers, Scientists, Physicists and Pharmacists, along with other Industry specialists.


Our Work Flow is constantly evolving and we strive for  continuous improvement

Great Idea

We act, experiment, fail, adapt and learn on daily basis.

Team Work

Not finance, strategies, nor technology, our teamwork is our ultimate competitive advantage.

Giving competitive cost as compared to other translation agencies

Eliminating wasted time cost by using an automated process

Not charging for repeat words or translation memory

Offering discounts available for bulk content

Immediate short-term savings and substantial long-term savings

Shorter TAT :

At Word Publishing, you can trust us and we will replace old-fashioned manual processes with a centralized, automated translation management system - keeping up with the evolving global market.

Making use of predictive translation features in our innovative SMART technology, linguists find it easier to finish projects faster. The automated system saves up to 60 to 70 percent of the ordinary, time-consuming manual translation process which guarantees faster turnaround time. Through UNIFY, the project submission process also becomes easy and you can also stay updated on your project status with real-time visualization.

Furthermore, due to the utilization of an automated process, our clients can save money for work that is often completed manually. Bulk discounts are also available to clients that require large translation projects.


Furthermore, due to the utilization of an automated process, our clients can save money for work that is often completed manually. Bulk discounts are also available to clients that require large translation projects.

What makes us special

  • Word Publishing helps you to continuously add file types, language pairs and project specifications to translations as your company expands.

  • Your brand is global but you can sound local! Use our enterprise translation solution.

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Stage Validation Process:

  • Initial Screening: Detailed evaluation of linguist education, skills, experience, and credentials.

  • Command on English: Linguist’s communication skills are assessed to ensure command on the language before native language assessment.

  • Linguistic Assessment: Target language skills of the linguist are evaluated by Certified linguists.

  • SME Validation: For a linguist to be qualified to translate within a specific category field, we further validate their subject matter expertise within that field.

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What You Should Know :

  • Our priority is our quality. Each step of our translation ensures your text resonates with your target market

  • Talented and certified human linguist network at Word Publishing gives us leverage over others

  • Pre-translation tools, such as style guides, glossaries, reference materials, and previous TM help throughout the translation process

  • Utilizing UNIFY helps us keep track of your feedback and expectations and help us act on them as soon as we receive them – therefore, minimizing chances of error and making the best quality translations for you.

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Why Word Publishing ?

At Word Publishing, our mission is to break all the barriers between humanity. Through translations, we simplify situations and create a better understanding between organizations and their customers.


By translating in over 200 languages, we aim to make this world a place in which information is easily accessed and understood by just one click – no matter what place you belong to. Our high-quality translations and undivided attention to our clients is what keeps bringing them back to us. We provide experts who work on your business according to the evolving global trends

Our Mission

Our mission statement is to always use native & skilled resources with the necessary domain knowledge when it comes to translation and or testing.

We understand every content and project requirement is unique and we treat it with special care and diligence.

​​​​Our mission is not to reinvent the wheel, but to scale up with all knowhow we have.

Our Vision

At WP, we help our customers reach out to new geographics and help them expand their horizons, and we do this by sharing our knowledge and expertise in localization & testing domain.​

  • Expertise in translating into multiple languages.

  • Expertise in Functional and Linguistic testing.

  • Expertise in tools like InDesign, Acrobat, Illustrator,Photoshop, QuarkXpress, FrameMaker, Corel Draw.

  • Expertise in eLearning technologies like Captivate, Storyline, Premier Pro, After Effects, etc.

  • Expertise in CAT tools; Trados, Wordfast, SmartCat, Wordbee, Crowdin.

  • Expertise in Sub-Titling tools, file conversion, and multilingual data processing.

Technical Knowhow

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