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Deliver Perfect Applications with Our Bug-Free Launch Solutions

Make Your Application Functionally Compliant with Our Manual Testing Assistance


It allows testers to think creatively and explore different scenarios that automated testing may miss.

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It is more cost-effective for smaller projects with limited resources.

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It allows for human intuition and judgment to identify issues that may not be easily detected by automated testing tools.

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It can provide a better understanding of the

end-user experience and identify usability issues.

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What We Do

Testing for a Seamless User Experience

One of the most recognised software testing and quality assurance service providers, word publishing provides top-notch manual testing services. Being one of the original QA companies, we have carved out a special place for ourselves in the manual testing industry. Our "Manual Testing of Excellence" team is made up of seasoned test architects and engineers who are well-versed in and certified to do manual testing services.

Word Publishing's primary goal is to evaluate the software's quality, after which we personally evaluate the software's specifications and features. Consequently, the manual software testing method is a complete and 100% assurance that you have the best-tested software in your hands.

Unit Testing

- Early detection of defects

- Ensuring code quality

- Reducing debugging time

- Building confidence in the code

Regression Testing

- New changes or features do not break existing functionality

- Validate the stability and reliability of the software

- Compatibility with different environments

- Comply with regulations or standards

- Avoid rework and save time and resources

Compatibility Testing

- Ensuring software reliability and performance across different       platforms and configurations

- Reducing the risk of software failure and downtime

  Improving user satisfaction and trust in the software           application    or system

- Increasing the overall quality and value of the software product

- Saving time and money by identifying and fixing compatibility        issues early in the software development cycle.

Mobile App Testing

- Ensuring App Quality

- Enhancing User Experience

- Ensuring Compatibility

- Enhancing Security

- Reducing Development Costs

System Integration Testing (SIT)

API testing

Testcase Creation Activity

Cross-browser Testing

Multiplatform Testing

W3C/ HIG Compliance Testing

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